Why I Can't Toss My Expired Liquid Gold

Why I Can't Toss My Expired Liquid Gold

Every time I open the freezer drawer, I see a bag of frozen breastmilk staring at me.  It has been waiting patiently for me to acknowledge it for months now.  But I don’t.  I usually just push it deeper into the drawer as I dig around for popsicles or pizza for the kids.  Day after day, I see it there, and yet I cannot do the simple thing I know I need to do: throw it away

Disney Do's and Don'ts (aka Our Disney Trip in Review)

DO some pre-trip strength training and conditioning.  Disney is a strenuous trip.  You should prepare for it by strapping all your children and luggage to you and running around your yard.  Or, if your gym has a sauna, strap weights to your chest and pace back and forth while you shout, “no this way!  We’re going to the Magic Carpets!  Stay with us!” 

The View from the Top of Ferris Wheel, and Why I Love Concerts

I belted out all of the lyrics along with Marcus Mumford.  And it felt so good to feel like myself.  Chrissy Roussel.  Not “Lucy’s mom,” or “Molly’s mom,” or “the lady with the six girls including surprise triplet girls.”  And it was wonderful, all of it—the singing, the dancing, the being present in that moment and feeling the music.