A Glimpse into Life at Home with Six Little Ones

Hi Friends!  Long time, no post!  The end of summer and start of school has kept me crazy busy.

I just realized I never shared the InRegister magazine article!  I wrote an article for them about what life is like at home with my six little ones.  I think most moms will relate to the challenges that I mentioned in the article.  Plus, you should check out the photos of us looking so clean!  Ha!  The link is below.  Special thanks to Ashley Gordon, Jeannie Frey Rhodes, and Jeanne McNeil.  Enjoy! And I promise to post another blog soon!

The Mother Load: as seen in InRegister magazine

Or, copy and paste this link into your browser: https://www.inregister.com/features/mother-load-stay-home-moms-sanity-saving-secrets

Also, check out my cover girls checking themselves out at the gas station!  They thought it was so exciting to see themselves on the cover! And I thought it was really cool to see my words in print, too!