Resolutions, Schmesolutions

I've made a long list of resolutions this year.  I know a lot of people say resolutions are doomed to fail, but I like the idea of looking at the new year as a clean slate, with endless possibilities for good habits and new adventures.  It's like giving yourself permission to start over.

So here's my way-too-long list of goals for 2016:

--Konmari my house (is that even possible with six kids?). More to come on this.  I've already started and am ready to do my whole house.

--Exercise more and lose weight.  If you have triplets, can you multiply out the nine months up/down so that I have 27 months to lose it?  Let's say YES.

--Look at my phone less often.... However, my phone is my connection to my outside world and to my family and friends.  I will try but this will be hard.

--Spend more time with each biggie.

--Do what I love.  I am figuring this out.  More to come there.

--And finally... focus on a creative outlet.  So, here we are!  Or, here I am.  Welcome to my blog.  I thought about trying to do 365 days of blog posts, but January 2 came and went so I gave up on that goal.  Instead, I hope to post here as time and life permit.  I don't really know where this blog will take me, but I'm starting here today.  Maybe this will be a resolution I can keep.  Swearing in front of the kids, that one has already gone out the window.  Until next time....