"If He Wants Tricks, We'll Give Him Tricks!"

I’m sitting here looking at Pinterest Halloween treats and wondering why I’m stressing myself out over them. Then I remembered my most FAVORITE MEMORY from Halloween and how it was completely unplanned and amazing. And it had nothing to do with this Pinteresty ridiculousness.

Here goes:

When I was about 7 or 8, I was trick or treating with my older sister and brother. (Remember this was the 80s, so my parents weren’t hovering and maybe they didn’t even know exactly where we were but I digress). We eagerly went house to house, knocking on doors. One guy opened the door, sneered, and yelled “TRICK!” before slamming the door in our faces.

We were in disbelief.

When we finally met up with my parents, we relayed the story of the Halloween grinch. To my surprise, my Mom replied: “oh, he wants tricks? We’ll give him tricks!” (I want to say she cackled there but maybe that’s just my memory embellishing this story a bit.)

Now, to fully appreciate this story, you have understand that my Mom is the most patient, caring, and nurturing person who ever lived. Really. And so my Mom NEVER said stuff that like. But mama bear came roaring out when some guy messed with her kids’ Halloween and she was NOT. HAVING. IT.

We plotted together and decided we should roll his entire yard. So my Mom drove us home to get toilet paper, drove us back to the grinch’s house, and helped us throw all the rolls high into his trees until his yard was blanketed with streamers of white.


To this day, it is still my favorite memory from Halloween. And my Mom didn’t even remember that night until I recounted it to her in detail a few years ago.

We didn’t have Halloween-themed snacks or expensive costumes. Nothing was carefully planned. We just went out and had the best adventure with our Mom. And that’s exactly what I remember.

The magic just unfolded before us, and now, 30 years later, I still laugh thinking about that night. And I still remember exactly which house it was.

So to all those parents who are stressed about costumes, fancy treats, and generally making Halloween more magical—just remember: YOU make the night magical for your kids, and that’s what they’ll remember. The time together, and the unscripted moments of fun, are what they’ll remember 30 years later.

(And with that, I’m going to step away from Pinterest and order a deli tray for snacks.)

Pic of me post-Halloween fun circa 1983. It looks like I had a pretty fabulous time.